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Resolution No. 2019 – in Support of Fair Funding Formula for Pennsylvania Schools

How bad is Pennsylvania in the area of equitable education funding? A 2015 Washington Post study found that Pennsylvania’s state and local per-pupil spending in its poorest school districts is 33 percent lower than per-pupil spending in the state’s most affluent school districts, nearly double that of the next worse state and the highest differential […]

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Fair Funding on the Decline

Last week petitioners in Pennsylvania’s school funding lawsuit filed a brief and affidavits refuting the claim made by the Republican leader of the PA Senate, Joe Scarnati, that the lawsuit was rendered moot because the state adopted a school funding formula in 2016. The brief details how state funding increases have not kept pace with rising […]

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How a charter school tuition change could cost Pa. districts dearly

This post is a follow up in detail on a previeous article we tweeted a few days ago. By Sara K. Satullo,   For Updated May 1; Posted May 1 Bethlehem Area School District taxpayers are facing another school tax hike that has school board members fired up about Pennsylvania’s charter school funding formula. The school board held a budget workshop Monday night to […]

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