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ICYMI- New report shows overwhelmingly negative results for PA’s cyber charter students

From Education Voters of PA: MEMO To: Interested Parties From: Susan Spicka, Executive Director, Education Voters of PA Date: June 4, 2019 Re: CREDO’s Charter School Performance in Pennsylvania (2019) report finds overwhelmingly negative results for students in cyber charter schools and mixed results for brick-and-mortar charter schools. Read the full report here. A recent study released […]

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CALL TO ACTION –   Act now to push for necessary change to the Charter Appeals Board (CAB)!

Act now to push for necessary change to the Charter Appeals Board (CAB)! As BASD Proud Parents recently posted, of the Pennsylvania Charter Appeals Board’s 5 active members… ALL are serving long past the end-date of their initial term, and NONE are directly affiliated with or bringing the perspective of traditional public schools to CAB […]

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Cyber Charter Funding Reform Needed Now

Recently, our friends at Education Voters of PA issued a report that examines Pennsylvania’s flawed cyber school funding system and provides recommendations for a new system that will more closely match the funding sent to cyber charter schools with the actual cost of providing students with an online education. This proposal would help control property tax […]

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